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Miscellaneous Carb Questions FAQ compiled & edited by Kristian #562 Please read the Disclaimer If you are looking for performance-related carb information See the Rejetting Spreadsheet accessed...

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– Rejet the carb – Cylinder porting – Different pipe – Carb bore – Everything else…. ceramic bearings, superfinished transmission, crank inertia, etc… all these mod add LOTS of cost but not much performance. These are only suited to the highest level of racing. up to 2015 Models – Head setup – Rejet the carb – Cylinder porting

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I CV can be tuned to be a great carb if you dont like cv then buy a MIK they work great. Cost less in the long run. Plus you do not have to use a S&S intake or there air cleaner set up. The S&S does work AFTER you thunder jet it some times with two thunder jets toget it wroking really well. You end up spending more money on that old carb design.

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Just bought and rebuilt by me for a gas mileage experiment on the 327. Idles as smooth as a rock, pulls an unwavering 17" of vacuum, but there is a huge flat spot right in the middle of the primaries' travel that is spiking the A/F ratio up above 20:1, causing a big stumble. Once you open the...

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Looks like the wrong carb kit for your bike... if your carbs are the ones that came with your bike (meaning someone hasn't swapped them out over the years) then this is the correct kit for your bike (stock carbs are the 722a) Honda New 350 Carburetor Gasket Set Kit CB350 CL350 CB350G 16010-344-305 the top "jet" is actually the fuel inlet valve ...

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Converting a Generator to Run on Propane: A step by step instruction on how I converted my generator to run on propane as a back up fuel source. There a numerous reasons one might want to do this. You might need a cleaner burning engine. You might not want to store or carry large amounts…

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This carburetor was built to be a stock factory replacement for OEM VW carburetors on Type 1 equipped cars from 1971 through 1979. It is jetted to fit the 1600 CC Type 1 engine in your beetle, bus, type 3, Karmann Ghia or VW Thing. This is a name brand carburetor made by a company which has been in business for more than 40 years.

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These include (in order of importance): replacing the insanely long WR throttle stop with the shorter YZ screw, removing the "grey-wire" (not cutting it) from the CDI unit, carb rejetting and fuel mixture adjustment, removing the airbox snorkel, removing the exhaust restrictor from the exhaust tip and removing the Air Induction System (AIS).

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Find Holley 0-90670 Holley Truck Avenger Carburetors and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! The carburetor gurus at Holley built these carbs with off-roading in mind. Features include maximum low-end torque and horsepower output, steep angle idle, spring-loaded needles and seats, four vacuum ports, and off-road vacuum secondaries. Their one-piece fuel bowl vent tube ...

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Watch this video on the parts of the carburetor. Step 1: Drain your carburetor. Once you’ve checked your spark plugs and have determined you need a rejet, it’s time to drain your carburetor. Start by shutting off the petcock, which stops gas flow from the tank to the carb. Unscrew the drain plug and let the gas run out into a pan.

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Learn the tricks to make carb cycling for fat loss work for you. This 5-day plan makes the most of Although the typical Western diet is pretty high in refined carbohydrates, many weight-loss diets rely...
I already have V&H pipes on. Shop owner says he will also rejet carb and dynotune for a cost of $1500-1600. Seems a little high but I'm thinking cost of parts must be up around $900. I am also not sure sure how much a dynotune should cost. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
Specialties: Fabrication, Restoration, Repair, and Redemption of motorcycles. Specialize in Custom Bobbers, Cafe Racers, and Vintage Motorcycles. Established in 2005. Redemption cycles started as home garage builders. Couple good tools, a…
With the carbs at an angle and the curved runners you will end up with imbalanced fuel mixture between the 1/4 and 2/3 cylinders. Mine always ran rich on 2/3 and lean on 1/4. On a fresh engine and a hot ignition system it'll run ok, although definitely not as good as 4 carbs properly tuned to their individual cylinders.
The intake port on the TW head is 30mm. If you get a 30mm aftermarket carb you will notice an increase in power and acceleration. The stock TW carb is <30mm. With an aftermarket carb. you will have to cobble things together. No big deal. Not that hard or expensive. Here is a comparison of the stock (left) and a 30mm aftermarket carb.(right).

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straight pipes and carb rejetting? Ask Question.
Aug 25, 2014 · Hi Guys, I've got a 1985 srx400 with a srx600 engine ready to drop in. I'm looking to get a custom made exhaust 2 into 1 collector box made and a couple of pod filters to boot.